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Jan 31 – Feb 2, 2023
LV Convention Center


NEW FOR 2023!

Launching at NHS 2023, the NHS Retail Solutions Center will focus on the evolving technologies and merchandising solutions that drive efficiencies and increase sales in retail stores.

Explore the new retail solutions center at NHS to find software, technology and merchandising solutions that will improve functionality and increase engagement both instore and online.

Why is NHS launching the Retail Solutions Center?

In response to retailer needs, NHS is showcasing companies who can offer valuable solutions to improve technology, functionality, and profits for your business, both online and in store. 

As customers continue to demand more online functionality and instore experiences it is essential retailers rise to the challenge. A recent study published by Forrester Consulting, provides insights into consumer behaviors, both instore and online: 

  • In the last year, 47% of consumers were more likely to purchase from a brand due to its local presence.
  • In the US, 81% of Gen Z consumers prefer to shop in stores to discover new products and more than 50% say in-store browsing is a way to disconnect from the digital world.
  • 34% of consumers are likely to engage with appointment shopping in 2022.
  • 54% of consumers say that over the next year they’re likely to look at a product online and buy it in-store.
  • 53% of shoppers are likely to look at a product in-store and buy it online.
  • 55% of consumers want to browse products online and check what’s available in local stores.
  • 47% of consumers want the option to check out online and return in-store.
  • 58% of consumers say flexible blended shipping options like BOPIS are important to them. 

Shoppers have grown to expect a completely connected experience no matter the channel they’re shopping from. 

Here you’ll find services and solutions including:

  • Retail Revenue Optimization
  • Commerce Platforms / Gateway
  • Electronic Shelf Systems
  • Merchandise Replenishment Solutions
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Forecasting 

Stay tuned for more information!

Interested in Exhibiting?

Thousands of home improvement and hardware retailers attend NHS looking for technology and merchandising solutions for their stores that will improve sales and functionality and bridge the online and instore experiences. Interested in showcasing your brand & products in this exciting new category? Learn More Here!