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March 18 - 20, 2025
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Apply for HABITAT 2023!

Collect More Leads at NHS by Participating in HABITAT

HABITAT is the National Hardware Show’s on-site and digital product discovery showcase, highlighting the ideas and evolving lifestyles that are shaping the future of home. It aims to educate retailers on the trends that are influencing consumer spend and the types of products they can place in their stores to drive more sales.

Products featured in HABITAT are promoted to buyers, influencers and media leading up to NHS and are placed in the highly visible HABITAT Curated feature area during the show, creating an unparalleled opportunity to generate brand exposure and collect more leads.

In addition, this year HABITAT is sponsored by Popular Mechanics! Popular Mechanics brings its audience of over 15 million across digital, print and social the latest news on innovations and inventions, from DIY to outdoor spaces. The Popular Mechanics Test Team creates helpful, reliable, and authentic reviews of tools, outdoor gear, consumer tech and more.

As part of their involvement with the 2023 National Hardware Show, the team at Popular Mechanics will be testing numerous HABITAT Curated products from their Easton, PA facility leading up to the Show and covering select products on the Popular Mechanics site.

All 2023 National Hardware Show exhibitors can apply to participate in HABITAT. There is a $500 application fee, and an additional $1,750 fee to participate in HABITAT should your product be selected.

Companies with products in HABITAT collect the highest amount of leads overall!

If you’re a 2023 NHS exhibitor and your product resonates with any of this year’s trends, submit your application to be considered! Not yet exhibiting? Reach out to our sales team to discuss the opportunity to showcase your product in HABITAT.


Step 1: Review the 2023 HABITAT Themes

In 2023, HABITAT will showcase products that speak to consumers by optimizing our emotional states at home, centered around five key cultural themes. Review this year’s trends and determine whether your product aligns with any of the themes.

  1. Show You Care: Products designed to make life at home easier. Examples include ramps & chair lifts, universal bathroom & kitchen fittings, and pet comfort solutions.
  2. Happy Place: Products that create happiness at home. Examples include feel-good paints, plant caddies, and joy-friendly wallpaper.
  3. World of Wonder: Products that make the outdoors a part of our daily life. Examples include outdoor fire pits, garage organization, and portable lighting & furniture.
  4. Mind Your Mind: Products designed to encourage investment in oneself. Examples include bookshelves & libraries, remote learning products, and crafting corners.
  5. Save to Save: Products that safeguard our resources and financial security. Examples include solar panels, water saving showers & faucets, and car chargers.

Click here for more detailed descriptions of the 2023 HABITAT themes and additional product examples

Step 2: Submit the HABITAT Application & Complete Payment

Click here to complete the application and formally submit your product for consideration in HABITAT Curated.

The form will request some basic information, including a product description, unique aspects of your design and manufacturing processes, and most importantly, which of the 5 HABITAT trends your product resonates with and why.

You will not be eligible to participate in HABITAT if you do not pay the invoice, so please be as responsive as possible. If you do not receive the invoice, please contact your sales representative to ensure payment.

Step 3: Await Notification

You’ve submitted your HABITAT application. Now what?

A member of the HABITAT team will contact you directly to let you know if your product meets the criteria of this year’s HABITAT pillars. Please note, this may take several weeks.

If you are chosen to participate in HABITAT, you will receive an invoice for the remaining sponsorship fee ($1,720).

If you are not chosen for HABITAT, the $500 application fee is non-refundable. However, it can be applied towards HABITAT NEW (also $1,720). HABITAT NEW is a key NHS destination, dedicated to showcasing recently improved products and product launches. Companies who showcase products in this area collect 50% more leads!

Participating in HABITAT at NHS is an incredible way to generate more exposure for your company and increase leads during the show. If you have any questions about HABITAT or the application process, please contact your sales representative directly.