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March 18 - 20, 2025
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#NHS Brings the Influencers!

Get to know the content creators that took the NHS 2023 floor by storm

The National Hardware Show has long been a meeting ground for social-savvy DIYers, tool aficionados, and home improvement experts to find and share the latest products and innovations with their like-minded audiences.

For this reason, in 2023 NHS personally invited select, leading influencers in the space to attend the Show, network with each other, meet with potential brand partners and of course, create buzz-worthy content from the floor.

If you’re wondering how or why social media creators would matter to your business, brand, or NHS experience, listen up!

Why are influencers important to your business?

Influencers are people with specific niches, combined with a social media following. They’re viewed by their audiences as trusted experts in their respective fields, connecting through true authenticity and transparency. To their followers, an endorsement from a trusted influencer is akin to that of a friend, family member, or colleague.

NHS aims to facilitate relationships between influencers and brands, oftentimes referred to as influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a collaboration that has proven to be a powerful tool for brands across industries. Just one recommendation from an influencer can help a brand expand their reach, grow awareness, and drive topline sales. In fact, 60% of marketers say influencer content drives more engagement and performs overall better than branded content.

Get to know the influencers that attended NHS 2023, give them a follow, and learn how their content can align with your own business!

April Wilkerson at NHS 2023

Meet the NHS 2023 Influencers

April Wilkerson

April is a Maker, a DIYer, a Woodworker, and a Metalworker. But regardless of the label, she makes stuff that she wants instead of buying it or hiring it out!

Around 2013, April started a blog and then a YouTube channel, filming tutorials on how to build things. Today, April’s YT channel has amassed over 1.5M subscribers, and beyond that, she is known for appearing in shows like House Hacks (2017), Assembly Required (2021), More Power (2022), and more.

Watch: April Wilkerson presents her NHS Favorite Finds

Follow April:

IG: @wilker_dos
YouTube: April Wilkerson

Tools in Action

Dan Maxey and Erik Jopp are longtime NHS attendees, so know the show floor like the backs of their hands. Most notably, they are the co-founders and editors of Tools in Action, a leading online publication for the home and hardware industry. The duo have been in the social media business for over 17 years and continue to be an innovative leader in the field.

Follow Tools in Action:

IG: @ToolsInAction
TikTok: @ToolsInAction
YouTube: Tools in Action

Reclaimed Karma

Chris and Yvonne Johnson are the owners of Reclaimed Karma, a boutique design and build firm based out of Marietta, Georgia.

Yvonne is an interior design and avid DIYer. Chris is a custom woodworker, certified home inspector, and licensed general contractor. They pride themselves on being a husband-and-wife team that specializes in full home renovations, light commercial renovations, custom woodworking, interior design, and residential/commercial project management.

When they are not in the field creating and renovating, you can catch them across all social media channels DIYing in their home and workshop and documenting their lives every step of the way.

Chris & Yvonne Johnson at NHS 2023

Follow Reclaimed Karma:

IG: @ReclaimedKarma

Travis Collins

Travis grew up working alongside his father, a master carpenter, for many years. He completed home remodels, custom woodworking, and furniture builds, and even spent time in marine construction. He pursued the craft through college, which landed him a teaching position in the Master Craftsman Studio at FSU, curating and managing many builds that are still seen on campus today. 

When Travis began remodeling his home in 2015, he documented his knowledge, research, and experiences to help others with best practices, smart purchases, and industry insight.  Travis currently resides on 1 acre in Florida, remodeling a 1940’s bungalow. He showcases tips and tools for home improvement, yardwork, projects, automotive passions, his goats, and more.

Watch: Travis Collins presents his NHS Favorite Finds

Follow Travis:

IG: @ToolsByDesign
TikTok: @ToolsByDesign
YouTube: ToolsByDesign

Sarah Listi

Sarah Listi is the founder of Tool Girl’s Garage which specializes in woodworking and renovation projects. Through her blog and social channels, she shares her passion for construction and enthusiasm for the tools and products that make it possible.

Follow Sarah:

IG: @ToolGirlsGarage

Tool Pros

Brent Ridley is a licensed HVAC/Plumbing Contractor and business owner by day, and podcast host and Tool Pros content creator by night.

Brent has been a proud member of the skilled trade industry for almost 20 years and prides himself on being a positive presence in the trade community. Alongside his wife Kathleen (aka “Tool Wife”), they have grown the Tool Pros brand into a well-known name in the social media and podcast trade/tool communities.

Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere, and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, the National Hardware Show is the perfect opportunity.

In future years, influencers will continue roaming the floor, presenting their “Favorite Finds”, and attending happy hours to connect with businesses like yours. When you meet an influencer at NHS, it is the prime opportunity to strike up conversation and establish a relationship that could potentially result in social media coverage for your product and even better, a long-lasting relationship for your brand.

Brent Ridley at NHS 2023

Follow Tool Pros:

IG: @ToolPros & @ToolWife
TikTok: @ToolPros
YouTube: ToolPros
Podcast: Tool Pros Podcast