Opportunities for Inventors

Virtual Meetings with Attendees

If you were committed to be an Inventor in NHS 2020, you already have a Tier 1 Connects Profile to participate in the Virtual Show! If not, you can join the show by signing up for a Tier 1 Connects profile plus all of the opportunities below! Contact us for pricing.

Get your product in front of Experts! Here’s how:

National Hardware Virtual Show’s Inventor’s Pitch

Each inventor will give a 2-minute pitch, on video, sharing the product of your choice. These Inventor’s Pitch videos will be made available on our NHS Virtual platform and viewable by all attendees during our Invention Hour from 2:00–3:00pm EST (Monday-Wednesday starts at 2:45pm; Thursday starts at 2:00pm). If interested, please fill out the Virtual Rate Card form and send it to your sales rep as soon as possible to secure your spot.

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United Inventors Association (UIA) Virtual Panels

Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy is a Business Strategy - Monday, Oct. 12 @ 2:00pm

Stephen KoziolThe United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will provide a brief overview about the four major types of intellectual property (IP) with an emphasis on patents and explain why innovators and entrepreneurs should consider them in their business plan. Topics include:

  • Overview of intellectual property types: patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets
  • Why innovators and entrepreneurs should consider protecting their IP
  • Understanding the risks of early disclosure
  • Resources and assistance available through the USPTO

Presented by:  Stephen (Steve) Koziol, Assistant Regional Director, Silicon Valley Regional Office, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Pitch to the Experts

Pitch your product and receive real-time feedback and advice from decision makers known for helping inventors launch successful products. Share your new products and receive valuable feedback. Limited spots available.

Tuesday, Oct. 13 @ 2:00pm

  • Warren Tuttle

    Warren Tuttle
    Open Innovation Director for Lifetime Brands
  • Michael Miller

    Michael Miller
    Director of Product Partnerships, DANCO
  • Rita Compton

    Rita Compton
    Retail Product Sales Expert

Wednesday, Oct. 14 @ 2:00pm

  • Dara  Trujillo

    Dara Trujillo
    Executive Level Retail Expert
  • Carmine  Denisco

    Carmine Denisco
    Co-Founder of Inventors Launchpad™   

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Your name, your invention, the problem it solves, it’s competitive market advantage, manufacturing cost, any research to prove your ideas, a functioning prototype to demonstrate, how it works, any patent protections and when they were filed, etc.

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