Apr 08, 2013

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(NORWALK, Conn. April 8, 2013)— For independent retailers, who account for more than 50 percent of all retail sales in the home improvement industry, the National Hardware Show®, which will be held May 7-9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and co-located with the North American Retail Hardware Association’s (NRHA) All-Industry Conference, is a can’t-miss event.

At the National Hardware Show, independent retailers will be able to see products beyond the spectrum of what your wholesalers offer, discover new niche opportunities, network with other independent retailers from across distribution affiliations and take advantage of educational opportunities geared toward helping them drive their businesses.

NRHA All-Industry Conference

The NRHA All-Industry Conference, which will mark its third year being held concurrently with the National Hardware Show, will offer independent retailers a variety of services, including speakers, breakout sessions and awards.

“Independent retailers are constantly looking for ways to grow their businesses and make them more successful and profitable,” says Bill Lee, president and CEO of NRHA. “The All-Industry Conference offers opportunities to help them do just that.

“Retailers who attend can see a full line of new products and network with other retailers from all over the world, and they can hear what experts have to say about social media, online marketing and much more,” he says. “By attending the All-Industry Conference, independent retailers are giving themselves an advantage over their competition by attending these events and learning how to make their businesses bigger and better.”


The All-Industry Conference will offer four different breakout sessions, which will include gatherings with speakers in a more intimate setting away from the show floor, allowing retailers who participate to have some one-on-one time networking with the experts. In addition to some of the speakers listed above, the sessions will include Top Gun and Young Retailer of the Year honorees, social media experts, and more.

“The National Hardware Show is fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with NRHA in developing our show content, which will be presented on the NRHA stage in the Central lobby,” says Sonya Ruff Jarvis, vice president of attendee programs for the National Hardware Show. “NRHA knows the concerns and challenges of retailers and distributors and has put together compelling content that will allow attendees to walk away with tangible solutions they can take back to their stores and businesses.”

Product Sourcing

While many independent retailers regularly attend distributor shows, the National Hardware Show offers those retailers an opportunity to see people and products they may not normally find at their own distributor’s events.

“The National Hardware Show brings together retailers, manufacturers and distributors from all over the world,” Ruff Jarvis says. “Independent retailers can learn about a wide variety of new products from across the spectrum—more than they may see at their own supplier shows.”

Retailers like Jerry Meis of Lenoch & Cilek Ace Hardware in Iowa City, Iowa, are looking forward to all the opportunities the National Hardware Show and All-Industry Conference offer.

“The National Hardware Show offers an opportunity to see new, leading-edge items before they hit the industry,” Meis says. “I think it’s a great place to get some really good ideas and learn about new trends and opportunities that might be available. There are some great opportunities for networking and enhancing your business.”


Independent retailers are doing great things for the home improvement industry, and the NRHA Village Stage will play host to a number of awards programs that will acknowledge that.

These awards include Young Retailer of the Year, which recognizes the best and brightest retailers who are 35 or younger and making a difference in the home improvement industry; the Top Guns program, which highlights the accomplishments of four of the industry’s most influential independent retailers; the Retailers’ Choice Awards, which features products from the showfloor that were selected by a panel of retailers for special distinction; and the Packaging and Merchandising Awards, which recognizes the best of the best in the packaging and merchandising of home improvement products.

“We enjoy having a chance to acknowledge the independent retailers who have gone above and beyond with these awards,” says Scott Wright, NRHA’s vice president of member services. “It’s great to show off what they’ve done and how they’re making a difference in the industry. And networking and continuing education is vitally important as well, so we’re looking forward to offering a complete range of programs.”

Opportunities For The Paint and Sundries Category

The National Hardware Show offers additional opportunities for independent retailers looking for more paint and sundries products.

The show will be collaborating with the Paint & Decorating Retailers Association (PDRA). PDRA serves independent paint dealers and has worked with the National Hardware Show to offer the most comprehensive global event possible for those dealers, making it a “must-attend” event for them.

The National Hardware Show also will be co-locating with the Lancaster buying show. Lancaster, the largest paint sundry distributor serving a broad range of independent retailers, will be hosting their show at the Las Vegas Hotel, which can be accessed through the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Lancaster offers all the sundries independent retailers need, and will bring manufacturers like Liquid Nails, Hyde Tools, Rust-Oleum, Krylon and more to the National Hardware Show.

Val-Test, one of the nation’s largest paint distributors, will be utilizing the National Hardware Show as a true buying event, encouraging more customers to come to the show and offering even more deals for retailers in the paint and sundries channel.

About the National Hardware Show®
The National Hardware Show® celebrates a rich history spanning 67 years of serving the home improvement marketplace. From its early beginnings in New York during the post-World War II housing boom and eventual move to Chicago in the 1970s, to today’s current location in Las Vegas, the National Hardware Show continually evolves through the industry’s involvement, commitment and passion to improving America’s quality of life through their homes. Today, the National Hardware Show is the place for global manufacturers, associations, organizations and the media to unveil their new products, ideas and insight to a broad spectrum of home improvement resellers. For more information on the National Hardware Show, visit www.nationalhardwareshow.com.

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