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Induction Innovations


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Induction Innovations®, Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturer of high performance induction heaters. Our headquarters and all manufacturing is located in Elgin, Illinois, just west of Chicago.


  • Mini-Ductor Venom HP

    The Venom HP is part of the Mini-Ductor Series that allows users to release hardware from corrosion or thread lock compounds in a matter of seconds, w...

  • Mini-Ductor Venom

    The Mini-Ductor is the professional’s choice handheld, flameless torch and leverages the power of Invisible Heat® to heat ferrous metals in seconds. U...

  • Mini-Ductor II

    Using high frequency magnetic fields, the Mini-Ductor releases corroded or frozen hardware and other metallic components from corrosion and thread loc...

  • Standard Coil Kit

    The Coil Kit is an accessory for the Mini-Ductor® Series and the Inductor® Series U-555. The kit enables you to heat and release seized nuts and bolts...

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    Induction Innovations
    United States Illinois ELGIN 1175 JANSEN FARM CT 60123


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  • Inductor Series

    Save 10% on any products offered in the Inductor Line

  • Mini-Ductor

    Buy a Mini-Ductor, get a free coil kit or pack (up o $185 value) Receive 10% off an Inductor Series Product

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