Automatic Trap Company

Automatic Trap Company

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A toxin-free and automatic solution to control your rat or mouse populations

The Goodnature A24 Rat and Mouse Trap was designed using innovative and advanced manufacturing processes, while focusing on humane killing methods. The A24 is certified humane, toxin-free, kills rodents instantly, and automatically resets for up to 24 kills. We believe passionately in eradicating rodents in a safe, humane, and efficient manner.


  • Home Trapping Kit | A24 Rat & Mouse...

    If you're looking for a toxin-free and automatic solution to control your rat or mouse population, The Goodnature® Home Trapping Kit might be exactly ...

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  • A24 Digital Strike Counter

    Packed into a tiny enclosure, the Strike Counter slides onto the CO2 canister, is easy to check and reset and spends most of its day asleep. It is spa...

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  • Chocolate Pre-Feed Lure 200g

    Rats are suspicious of new foods. Goodnature lure pouches contain our scientifically designed long-lasting rat and mouse lure. Place pea-sized dabs of...

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  • Automatic Lure Pump - Chocolate

    The Goodnature Rat and Mouse Lure Pump is the even more low maintenance version of our standard lure bottles. This latest technology can be retro fitt...

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  • A24 Retail Starter Kit

    Every retail partner in the country starts out with the A24 Retail Starter Kit! It fits on just 2-4 feet of shelf in-store. Along with all the product...