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Mar 26 - 28, 2024
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NHS Connects FAQs

Frequently asked questions for the in-person 2023 National Hardware Show can be found here.

Log in & Onboarding

Prior to the 2023 National Hardware Show you should have received an activation email with a link to set your password and log in to the platform. Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox.

It may help to search for the sender name “” or subject line “Access your National Hardware Show Experience now”.

You can also log in by visiting:

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the link “Forgot password” on the login page. 

  • Enter your email address that you have previously logged in with 
  • Click “Send” and go to your email inbox. Please check your spam.

Once you have opened the email titled “Reset your password”, click on the reset password button. It will open a new page where you can enter your new password twice and press the “Reset password” button.

For exhibitors, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. For all other attendees, please reach out to the general customer service contact

Getting Started

By end of August 2022: Exhibitors should have updated company information, added description and all data fields. The platform offers enhanced filters and searching capabilities, so make sure everything is filled in properly to appear in all the proper search results.

Starting in January 2023: Buyers can begin preparing for their NHS experience. Search for companies you might be interested in by using the advanced search and filter capabilities of the platform.

Throughout 2023: Exhibitors and Buyers will have continued access to NHS Connects. Be sure to keep your profile updated throughout the year to take advantage of maximum lead generation opportunities.

Log into the platform using your email and password. There are two ways to update your profile: 

  1. Through the navigation panel on the top of each page by clicking “My profile”.
  2. On Participant directory page, by clicking on “Edit my profile”.

We encourage you to completely set up your profile and make sure you fill in your business details such as categories, activity, sales or acquisition territories. The online directory has enhanced filters and searching capabilities, which will be used by participants, especially buyers and sales executives to identify the relevant company contact to meet with.

Please note that only Exhibitor Company Administrators are able to set up and update the company page. 

Two ways to update your Company page. 

  1. Through the navigation panel on the top of each page by clicking “Company profile” or “Company Hub”.
  2. On the Participant Directory page, by clicking on “Edit company details”.

Please refer to our Onboarding Guide for more details.

From “Company Profile” go to “Company Administrators” then click on “Add company Administrator” and enter the email address of the person you want to assign this role. That person will receive a unique activation email with a link to create a password to log in.

Company administrators can start to upload products and content as soon as they activate their account. Please make sure that your content page is complete with full details and supporting files by January 2023 to prepare for the launch of the attendee directory.

Using the NHS online platform

The online platform is a great place to find relevant business partners.

Companies can be found through the search bar in the Exhibitor Directory, using company name or keywords. To refine your search, you can use filters.

  • With content: companies that are showcasing content on the digital platform
  • Visiting: companies that will be attending the 2023 Show in Las Vegas
  • Exhibiting: companies that will have a booth at the 2023 Show in Las Vegas
  • Online only: companies that will not be present in Las Vegas but will be reachable online

Furthermore, companies are classified through information provided in their company profile, which includes company country, company participation in Show Feature Areas, product categories, and additional identifiable business attributes.

Participants can be found through the search bar in the Participants Directory, using company name, participant name, or keywords. To refine your search, you can use filters.

  • Visitor: participants that will attend NHS as visitors
  • NHS Visitor Buyer: participants that specifically identify as buyers
  • Exhibitor: participants that will attend NHS as exhibitors

Furthermore, participants are classified through information provided in their participant profile, which includes participant activity, product category interest, territories of acquisition/sales, and more.

The online platform is a great place to showcase your brand and products the biggest and most diverse community of buyers. You will generate more new leads and sales opportunities by actively participating and engaging on the platform

Depending on your NHS package, you will be able to enhance visibility with branding and additional advertising opportunities.

We strongly recommend that you add your newest and/or most popular content on the platform. New and innovative products generate the strongest interest from the buyer community. 

The online platform has been designed to fulfill our buyers’ needs. You can use a wide range of filters and advanced search criteria to help you find the best companies and products according to your personal goals and purchasing strategy.

If you need more information on the company or product and want to be contacted by the seller, you can either:

  • Click on the “contact me” button on the seller company page to show your interest.
  • Or contact the seller directly using the chat functionality (available by clicking “Send a message” on the company profile)

You can shortlist the companies and products you are interested in by clicking on “Add to My Plan” and finding them later on in your Show Planner space.  

Chat functionality will allow you to get in contact on the platform with other participants, start a business conversation and plan meetings online or at-Show! All conversations are stored so you can access previous communications whenever you need them.

From the Participant Directory, you can search for participants you might want to meet by using our advanced filter criteria. Click on the profile of a participant you would like to connect with and click on “Send a message”. 

Your contact details are displayed by default (this is the same you filled in when registering). 

If you want to hide your contact details, go to “My profile”, click on the pen icon to edit, then click on “Change” and save the update. 

To change your e-mail address, go to “My profile”, click on the pen icon to edit, then click on “Change”. Enter the new e-mail address you would like to use and save your changes.

While navigating through the online platform, you can create a list for easier show experience planning. Simple click “Add to My Plan” when browsing or searching for:

  • Companies/Exhibitors
  • Participants
  • Products
  • Content
  • Sessions

This will create a list of favorites which you can access and manage later. 

Adding products

Please make sure you enter products in order that you would like them to be displayed on the “Gallery of products and services” from your Company Page. The first 3 products added will be displayed here in the Company Directory. 

Downloading Leads

A lead is an NHS attendee participant that clicked on the «Contact Me» button on your company page.

As a Company Administrator, you can monitor and export your leads by clicking on "Company Hub" then “Emperia, Lead Capture Services”.