The National Hardware Show is now a SMART Event!

For the first time ever, NHS will be partnering with Konduko to make the Show a SMART event! Each exhibitor booth and all products in our Featured Product Areas will be receiving a Konduko SMART reader, courtesy of the National Hardware Show!

All attendees at NHS will have a SMART Show badge. What makes this badge SMART? By simply "tapping" their badge on your SMART booth or product reader, attendees will be able to receive your contact and customized information and details after the Show is over. The best part? YOU decide what information to share, and at the same time, you get the buyers' contact details.

Collecting leads… one "tap" of a badge at a time. This is the opportunity to capture additional leads that weren’t physically scanned by a member of your booth staff.


  • Capture high-quality sales leads
  • Never lose track of you who you met with
  • Save on printing and logistic costs
  • Don't lose any leads even when busy
  • Provide lasting content for your visitors
  • Save on administration costs

Here’s how it works

In case you missed our Konduko Webinar, here is a link to the recording so that you can learn more about the benefits of Konduko and the necessary steps to take in order to enhance your lead retrieval experience at the Show.

See for yourself

Konduko FAQ

Prior to the Show, you will receive an email from Konduko to activate your account. Once you activate your account with the proper credentials, you will then be able to upload your company content and contact details for buyers.

The reader is a visitor initiative, they actively choose to tap your reader themselves, but you can also encourage them to do so. When a visitor taps their badge on your reader, you get their contact details. The visitor will then receive an email at the end of the day highlighting all the stands they have visited. The Reader is great to generate as many leads as possible.

The App is an exhibitor initiative; you actively scan the badge of the visitor you are having a conversation with; the visitor doesn't receive anything. You can then download this data, along with any notes you add in the App. The App is great for visitor qualification, as you know you have had a conversation with them, and you know what information they want to receive from you after the event.

For this year implementation 1 Konduko Reader and unlimited number of Apps will be available FREE of charge.

For upsell please email

The Reader and StandApp do not need Wifi to run during the event. When you are ready to download your leads, you will need Wifi to login to your account.

You can view and download your leads at any point during and after the exhibition through your Konduko account.

It's entirely up to you. If your aim is to get as many leads as possible, we suggest positioning your reader at eye level, near the aisle. That way, if your sales team are too busy to talk, a visitor can easily reach and tap to get information about you. If you don't want all visitors to have access to your reader, you can position it so it is slightly hidden, so you can control who can tap it.

Visit the App Store on your Android or IOS and search 'Konduko' to download the StandApp.

There will be a Konduko team onsite at the exhibition in the registration area. Once you have picked up your exhibitor badge, visit the Konduko team to complete the Konduko Smart Event Reader Sign-Out Form and collect your reader.

You can upload any information you would like the visitor to receive when they tap your reader. You can just upload generic company information, or you can choose to upload more detailed information about a specific product range. This can include:

Company name
Product name(s)
Description – 1,000 characters
Links to social media and video
3 files/images – 5mb each
Contact details
Link to website