Bug Bite Thing

As seen on Shark Tank, Bug Bite Thing is Amazon’s #1 selling product for insect bite relief with over 45,000 positive reviews. The easy-to-use suction tool extracts insect saliva/venom from under the skin to instantly alleviate the itching, stinging, and swelling caused by insect bites and stings. The award-winning product is chemical-free, reusable, and safe to use on children. Bug Bite Thing is made with recyclable, medical-grade plastic and available in white, black, and pink.

The Flute Collection by JAPI POTTERY

The Flute Collection is one of JAPI POTTERY’s newest launches, and it’s been a huge success!!  Their passion for innovative but also traditional products results in original and modern designs of polyresin planters with unique textures and natural colors, which also brings practicality for your home and garden, inspired by a greener lifestyle. The Planters do not chip or crack when exposed to the most diverse weather conditions. JAPI POTTERY is proud to make a lightweight, all-weather, and unbreakable product. 

Greenlawn Garden

Gardernserv (Greenlawn Garden Products.) has been a supplier in the gardening industry for over 40 years.  We are well experienced in OEM, ODM, and manufacturing.  Their years of supplying experience in different countries have made them professional in providing marketing strategies in different markets.  They focus on innovative patented products while working with their customers to stay price competitive on the market.  Their expertise in manufacturing garden tools allows them to supply around the globe for 40 years.  Greenlawn Garden is a quality and competitive company that provides full services at any request.

Aristo Sealant Series

Aristo Sealant series include acetic/neutral silicone sealants, polyurethane sealants, MS sealants, etc.  More information on www.aristoindustries.com

Wood Products

Wood Products’ Fatwood Firestarter™ crates are available in exclusive “Protect the Parks” limited-edition designs! They’re great to share with friends and family and make excellent year-round gifts. These sturdy wooden crates are stuffed with 13 lbs. of our best-selling all-natural firestarter and are crafted of solid pine with a warm cherry finish, removable lid and our custom national park design. Keep one and refill it when your supply burns low or repurpose it into decorative storage for your den, office, workshop or cabin. These collector’s crates add a touch of rugged authenticity to any room.