The National Hardware Show® continued today, with presentations, panels and products, products and more products.

Attendees started this morning with a breakfast presentation series "From Startup to Stardom," which highlighted two successful women entrepreneurs. Sandy Cleary, founder and CEO of SLC Group Holdings, and Casey Finn, editor and creative director of DIY Playbook had a discussion about their careers, which was moderated by Dana Trujillo, CMO of SLC Group Holdings and former Disney and HSN Executive.

"My mantra is, 'Don't quit your daydream and just go for it,'" says Finn, who launched DIY Playbook in 2013 as a hobbyist. She left her career in broadcasting about 18 months ago to work with the business full time. 

"I figured it out as I went. So many people wait to do something new, but you'll learn as you go if you dive right in," she says. 

Sandy Cleary launched SLC Group Holdings after two previous careers in aerospace engineering and managing an online cruise travel agency. Her current company helps entrepreneurs who need support to bring their ideas to life.

"As an entrepreneur, you're the only one who has to wake up and go to work every day," Cleary says. "If you know in your heart it's the right thing, you're not really work. You're developing your future and you should be having fun."

Following the panel, the Show Floor opened at 9 a.m., and attendees flocked to every corner of the Las Vegas Convention Center to continue their searches for something new and something innovative. 

Newton's True Value owner Megan Menzer is attending her ninth National Hardware Show, and she comes to find new products, but she also enjoys the opportunity to meet new people.

“I like to network here, and I also like seeing what’s going on in the industry, what trends there are," says Newton's True Value owner Megan Menzer. 

Thomas and Barbara Anderson, owners and partners of Anderson Fruit Farms Inc. in Tennessee came to the Show about four years and enjoyed it then, so they decided to return this year. 

“We like to look at the inventions. It’s good to see what’s new in landscaping items and tools," Thomas says.

Awards on the Stage

This afternoon, the National Hardware Show hosted the NHS Awards reception in the NRHA Village. Awards for innovation, uniqueness and value were presented to exhibitors in a number of categories, including Plumbing & Electrical; Paint & Accessories; Homewares (including Smart Home); Hardware & Tools; and Lawn, Garden & Outdoor Living and Tailgate, Backyard & BBQ. 

Check tomorrow's Show Daily e-version for a roundup of the winners.

The Show continues tomorrow until 1 p.m., so there is still plenty of time to make your way to new areas of the Show Floor. Make plans to see some of the Featured Areas of the Show Floor before the end of the 74th annual National Hardware Show! 


This afternoon, NRHA honored three retailers with the Top Guns award and hosted a panel discussion with the honorees.

These high-achieving retailers represent multistore operations from the West Coast, the Midwest and Newfoundland. They are constantly innovating to differentiate their businesses, putting their communities first through charity drives and fundraisers and making connections throughout the independent home improvement industry to share their insights and learn from their peers.

The conversation at this year's panel touched on the future of the independent home improvement channel, challenges independent retailers have—hiring qualified employees and combating high price perceptions—and how they will continue to push their operations forward to find success in the future. 

Read some insights from the honorees below, and click here to see complete conversations with the Top Guns in Hardware Retailing magazine.

Charlie Gillman, Owner and President, Gillman Home Center

12 locations, Indiana and Ohio

On hiring: "I have two philosophies: 'Hire slow, hire fast.'  and 'Hire the smile, teach the trade.' Most of our managers, department heads and store managers came from big boxes. Another benefit to that is then they bring the people with them. I give out my business cards to anyone at a big-box who gives me good service."

Christine Hand, Handyman Home Hardware

2 locations, Newfoundland, Canada

On developing new niches and category growth strategies: "Listen to your customers. We ask customers what they want to see in our store. We also do a lot of special orders. We look for opportunities to order things we don't stock. For example, equipment to tap maple syrup was an opportunity we discovered through listening to our customers. We also ask other dealers what they are doing."

Mark Schulein, Crown Ace Hardware

18 locations, California, Arizona and Hawaii

On the future of the industry: "It's getting harder, but we have to learn quickly how to deal with online competitors and these industry groups help with that. People live in houses, and they will always need to be fixed. You can't buy everything in your underpants online. People need help and services and there is a ton of opportunity to help communities. We have to be good retailers though. The future will be strong, but it will be different." 


Energywise Solutions offers radiant heaters that are constructed with two panels of tempered glass, with an aluminum heating element in between the panels. The heaters also automatically detect temperature changes, such as if a window is open, and turn off automatically, saving energy and therby saving the consumer money. The company also offers infrared heaters, with the most energy-efficient being wall heaters.

"The infrared heat doesn't dry you out, and the heat exchange is more efficient, so you don't see heat loss," says Derrick Longson with Energy Wise Solutions. "These types of products save the consumer money due to their energy efficieny, and they're also good for the environment," says Anthony Aureche with Energy Wise Solutions.

Learn more by visiting Booth #4617.

Cook's BBQ Products offers a disposable grill, a good option for tailgating or picnics. It includes coconut charcoal briquets, which are made of coconut shell that's crushed into a powder and made into a briquet.

Regular charcoal uses different fillers that may not be as good for a user's health, says Bradley Hertz, vice president of sales and marketing for Cook's, while the Cook's products burn hotter and cleaner than regular charcoal.

"Consumers want environmentally friendly products," Hertz says.

Learn more by visiting Cook's BBQ Products in Booth #12702
Some of the best examples of the products found at the National Hardware Show® are in the specialized featured products areas. Whether it’s outdoor living in The Backyard Marketplace or the latest in home technology in the Interactive Smart Home, these specialized parts of the Show Floor are designed to home in on the kinds of products consumers will be looking to find on their local store shelves in the future.

When planning their days at the Show, attendees should be sure to schedule enough time in each of these featured areas to fully look over the offerings and engage with knowledgeable exhibitors and representatives. Each has unique offerings that can serve attendees across multiple categories of products.

“Each of our featured areas is designed to give these products a hub on the Show Floor. Attendees can more easily find these niche items and see how they can interact together to best serve their businesses and the end consumer,” says Rich Russo, vice president for the National Hardware Show. “We’re excited about what these areas can do for the industry as a whole, and for all attendees.”

Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery

Hardware professionals know how important their businesses can be when disaster strikes. Even while a business is possibly sorting out its own damages, customers will be looking for materials like generators, first-aid kits and other emergency products.

For attendees looking to help customers prepare for possible disasters, and recover as quickly as possible should they strike, the Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery area brings it all together. This area can help attendees stay stocked with products consumers will be looking for when they are preparing for the worst.

“In the home improvement industry, preparedness is a key ingredient for success. For retailers, that can mean having the right items in stock before consumer demand peaks. For consumers, it’s having the necessary tools on hand before the storm hits,” Russo says. “The Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery section of the Show Floor has everything attendees need to cover all scenarios.”

When it comes to emergency preparedness, Eton Corp. (Booth #3939) has the partnership of a very recognizable organization. The company has worked with the American Red Cross to develop specialized products to keep people safe in their homes. The latest line of products is the Blackout Buddy, a connected six-in-one device that serves as a carbon monoxide detector, flashlight, nightlight, motion sensor and phone charger.

“Our products started with emergency preparedness and then transitioned into smart home. Smart home really is the future,” says Ryan Pelosi, sales and marketing coordinator for Eton Corp. “This device works with all smart home assistants and syncs to your phone to alert you of a gas leak or power outage.”

Some of the products available for attendees in this area include flashlights, generators, medical kits, safety products, solar power products and water pumps.

Smart Home on the Show Floor

To capitalize on demand for smart home technology, this year’s Show Floor features the Interactive Smart Home, a structured house where attendees can walk through the hallways and rooms and get hands-on with featured products. This environment is designed to help buyers learn more about these products through a realistic and interactive experience.

The root of smart home is comfort and convenience, which is the case for the line of products available from Bio Bidet (Booth #4034).

The company specializes in smart bidet toilet seats and has 40 products that are designed to work with existing toilet seat lids. The products come with an array of functions, including temperature-controlled seats, custom wash settings and air drying.

“We have been in business for 12 years in the U.S., and we have seen a shift in the market,” says marketing director James Amburgey. “The bathroom is quickly becoming a connected space for people, and bidets aren’t just a feature of international travel for Americans anymore.”

The Interactive Smart Home will be open until the Show Floor closes at 1 p.m. tomorrow.

Tiny Living @ NHS

A new featured Show Floor area is Tiny Living @ NHS, featuring the Small Build & Construction Conference. This area is designed for professionals in the small living, modular and manufactured housing industries to interact and discuss the growing trend of living in smaller spaces.

This area is open to all builders, developers, product/service providers, government officials, retailers, nonprofit workers and other real estate professionals.

“The Tiny Living @ NHS area is the only event that allows over 30,000 hardware, building supply and other industry professionals to network and learn from each other’s experiences,” Russo says. “With a focus on tiny living and trends, it is a great opportunity to learn more about this growing category and the professionals that have helped make it such a sensation.”

One company displaying in the Tiny Living area was US Polymers/Duramax, which offers tiny house systems built on-site. The homes come in a variety of sizes and are customizable, with hidden wheels allowing users to take them anywhere they’d like.

“The home on display here has more features, but others can be simple,” says Michalis Tapakoudes of US Polymers/Duramax. “There are plenty of options.”

He says the company has seen their tiny living products become more popular.

“It’s a home—a small home, but the features make it feel big.”

The Small Build & Construction Technology Conference included two full days of seminars on the most relevant topics impacting the industry while offering chances for networking among market experts.

On display are tiny houses on wheels, modular construction, park model RVs and container homes.

Seminars and education sessions covered topics such as marketing tiny structures, building certifications and the legislation concerning tiny living in multiple urban and rural environments.

The Backyard Marketplace

The Backyard Marketplace, located in Tailgate, Backyard & BBQ in the Silver Lot, is open to all attendees looking for several dedicated outdoor living exhibitors. The area also features shaded seating, a hydration station, food, music and other entertainment options.

One product featured in The Backyard Marketplace is a planter from Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment.

“The raised bed garden planter can be used anywhere, from a farm and ranch setting to a suburban setting,” says Delbert Cundiff with Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment. “It can be used for a small flower garden or any kinds of herbs.”

Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendly

Two popular categories on the Show Floor feature exhibitors that have products in the energy efficient and eco-friendly spaces.


Smart home products and technology continue to bring new possibilities to the home improvement channel. 

More and more consumers are adding smart products, such as thermostats, locks and lights, to their homes. Manufacturers are designing systems that integrate throughout a home, making it quick and easy for a homeowner to remotely control a number of functions within their houses. 

The 2019 National Hardware Show® is helping attendees stay on top of the trends customers will be asking about. Last year, they had the opportunity to do a virtual reality tour of a smart home and see the different products and how they worked. This year, they’re seeing those products firsthand, thanks to the Interactive Smart Home, a revolutionary new way to sample smart home innovation. 

The Interactive Smart Home is a prebuilt structured house located on the Show Floor. Attendees can walk through and explore the house, testing out an array of new smart home technology. 

“This category has continued to grow in popularity in recent years,” says Rich Russo, vice president of the National Hardware Show. “We wanted attendees to have an innovative experience as they learn more about available smart home technology.” 

In addition to being able to try out smart home products firsthand, visitors to the Interactive Smart Home can learn more about the products via dedicated visuals. 

The entire installation aims to give attendees at the National Hardware Show a realistic, interactive experience that introduces the many dynamic opportunities of smart home integration. 

Don't Miss These Vendors

  • Ankuoo Electronics Inc., Booth #3738
  • Bio Bidet, Booth #4034
  • Skylink Group, Booth #3634
  • Smartec / PIN Genie, Booth #3736
  • Winplus, Booth #3934
  • ATX-LED, Booth #3316
  • Bazz Inc., Booth #3021
  • Brilong, Booth #3638
  • Friedrich Air Conditioning, Booth #4317
  • Jasco Products Co., Booth #3219
  • Jiawei Technology (USA) Ltd., Booth #3434
  • La Crosse Technology Ltd., Booth #3815
  • nyce innovations, Booth #IS9414
  • Oaks Smart Home, Booth #4237
  • Plott, Booth #3438
  • Sencentric, Booth #3216
  • Trifo, Booth #3537


  • 9:00 – 9:45 a.m.

    Last Chance Look From the Show Floor
    Presented by NRHA Staff
  • 10:00 – 10:45 a.m.

    How NRHA and Hardware Retailing Can Help Your Business
    Presented by Renee Changnon, NRHA
  • 1:00 p.m.

    National Hardware Show Closes


The team at Trimaco is no stranger to the National Hardware Show®, as they’ve been exhibiting here for many years. The company focuses on paint sundry products and surface protection, with the latter having become a bigger part of the business over the past five or six years. Trimaco’s team connects with general contractors who need these products for their job sites and matches them up with retailers who sell Trimaco products. Visit Trimaco at Booth #4634


Poo Paws are 100-percent compostable mitts that allow for easy, earth-friendly pet waste disposal. The founders developed the product when they heard customers were using their line of gas pumping gloves to pick up after their pets. The gloves are manufactured in the U.S. and include customizable, tearable coupons that companies can use to boost return customer traffic. Visit Poo Paws in Booth #10065.  


Mr. Cool is a DIY ductless mini-split heat pump A/C that can be quickly installed and easily connected. It's WiFi compatible and works with Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa. It comes with a 5-year parts warranty, and a 7-year warranty on the compressor. Learn more about Mr. Cool by visiting Booth #3511.


YAT USA is excited to bring its lineup of outdoor power tools to North America, with its SENIX brand of trimmers, saws and other outdoor power equipment, now on display at Booth #12563, in the North Hall.

SENIX Tools are available in three different power options to help consumers make the best decisions for their yards and homes. Tools can come with 120-volt corded power, 58-volt cordless battery power or 4QL® 4-cycle gas power.

SENIX 4QL technology is the ultimate 4-cycle engine. These engines feature 360-degree lubrication in any position, are better for the environment and are lighter than competing 4-cycle equipment engines. An auto choke and compression release make for easier starting, and the full-crank design lowers vibration for a longer life.

“We’re looking to bring the best options available to customers in North America, and SENIX is allowing us to do that,” says Dan Birch, YAT’s Director of Sales for North America.

Founded in 2002, YAT is now supplying North American retailers with a wide range of outdoor power equipment and power tools.

Breaking News

YAT USA is pleased to announce additional and new retailer opportunities! Stop by Booth #12563 to see and discuss some unique and exciting news! 


One of the best features of the 2019 National Hardware Show® is the ability to connect to new innovators in the home improvement market. This year is no exception, as vendors and manufacturers from across the world have united in Las Vegas to present stunning new opportunities for home improvement retailers.

This year at the National Hardware Show, the China Hardware & Tools Brand Show (U.S.), presented by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, is presenting a showcase of Chinese manufacturers and their revolutionary new products. Presented in the International Sourcing Area (Booth #849), the China Hardware & Tools Brand Show covers nearly 15,000 square feet of Show Floor space.

The special event showcases nearly 100 enterprises from various Chinese regions, highlighting the ingenuity and ambition of China’s leading manufacturers and giving Show attendees an up-close look at Chinese products and manufacturers. From power and hand tools to garden tools, machinery and accessories, the event aims to connect Show attendees with great new products to diversify their inventory. Also at the event is the “Chinese Brand Promotion Zone,” an area where quality hardware tools are displayed and private negotiation areas and a VIP lounge welcomes Show visitors.

For many years, the U.S. has been a major exporting market for Chinese hardware products. At the China Hardware & Tools Brand Show, visitors can see the products gaining traction with customers and network with the vendors and manufacturers responsible for those items. Visit the China Hardware & Tools Brand Show in the International Sourcing Area (Booth #849) to explore new ways to establish connections to Chinese manufacturers.

About the Trade Development Bureau (TDB)

The China Hardware & Tools Brand Show (U.S.) was planned in conjunction by CCCME and the Trade Development Bureau (TDB). Established by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China in 2003, TDB has delivered services to Chinese and foreign businesses, organized activities to help Chinese enterprises go global and facilitated foreign companies to develop in China.

As a promotional arm of the Ministry of Commerce, TDB is actively committed to the implementation of the state’s foreign trade policies through trade promotion services including training, business information and legal consulting.

TDB builds business exchange platforms by organizing economic forums and international exhibitions, as well as developing business delegations to accompany visits from Chinese leaders to foreign countries. By taking advantage of the government’s support and its network, TDB has established close cooperative relationships with foreign and domestic governmental institutions, chambers of commerce, associations and industrial organizations. 


The National Hardware Show® is the place to find new home improvement products. There are several dedicated areas with the latest and greatest products from the industry; in addition, you can find plenty of new and exciting items just by walking the Show Floor.

Below are a few exhibitors with products you can’t miss during your time at the Show.
  • CashierPRO

    CashierPRO offers a point-of-sale and inventory management system for small and mid-size retailers in the home improvement, hardware, farm and building supply sector. This product offers an unbeatable combination of power, price and easy-to-use features, without the need for expensive file servers. Learn more by visiting Booth #2641.
  • Car Keys Express

    Spare your customers the time, expense and hassle of a dealership appointment by bringing a high-profit, modern key replacement to your store. This exhibitor offers covers for 98 percent of vehicles on the road. Easy “do it yourself” solutions are available. The products simplify key replacement, allowing retailers to enter this multibillion-dollar industry. Visit Booth #6240 to learn more.
  • Zingz & Thingz

    This exhibitor offers decorative, intricately designed birdhouses. The designs range from biker bar to a rowboat, and from a fire station to a fairytale cottage birdhouse. There’s a design for any homeowner looking for new outdoor decor. Visit Booth #11259 to see more of these birdhouses.
  • Solo Stove

    These innovative smokeless fire pits are made of stainless steel and allow users to build hotter fires with less smoke. The stoves come in different sizes—no matter the size of the group, there’s a stove for any and all types of gatherings! Learn more at Booth #10149.
  • HomeBiogas

    Treat waste, create cooking gas and transform waste into energy with the HomeBiogas system. After bacteria breaks down the organic waste, HomeBiogas stores and harnesses the energy created so it can be used in other ways. Save money on gas bills and reduce carbon emissions by using this alternative renewable energy source that’s good for the environment. Find out more at Booth #10062


New products are here! With over 2,700 vendors and 100,000 products on display, the 2019 National Hardware Show® offers attendees hands-on opportunities to interact with the latest innovations, designs and trends in home improvement. From the featured areas of New Product Launch and New Product World to the all-new Tiny Living @ NHS, you’ll find the latest products to boost your inventories and your sales. Not sure where to start? Here are three trends for 2019 to help get you started.

To learn more about popular products and trends, click here to subscribe to the Hot Products Hub newsletter. 

Embrace the Clutter

Open storage design, signified by popular wood or metal shelving, has been replacing cabinets in kitchens and pantries and used to create almost museum-like closet displays for shoes, handbags and ties for several years. Now, open storage is driving a lifestyle revolution. In 2019, minimalistic design is giving way to the clutter of everyday life as new storage and organization options put everyday items front and center for ease of use. Clear storage options, like countertop containers in glass or plastic and hanging wall storage systems with baskets in stainless steel or other materials, offer easy access to utensils, spices, baking supplies, toothbrushes, cotton swabs or anything consumers need close by in kitchen and bathrooms.  

Go Hands-Free

Helping home improvement contractors get through projects more efficiently is the goal of many NHS exhibitors. In fact, it is the driving force behind one common feature—the hands-free product. Many tool accessories, like the DrillKaddy, offer a hands-free experience to help contractors finish tasks quickly and more easily. The DrillKaddy, from new NHS exhibitor KwicTec Pty Ltd., attaches to the bottom of most power drills and offers convenient access to drill bits on the job. Other handy job site aids include the Heroclip, the Yorktown Tool Roll and many more that will be on display on the Show Floor. These products are sure to please your electrician, plumber and painter contractors and DIYers. 

Revive Wallpaper

Art deco and craftsman-inspired patterns, large florals and geometric designs are gaining popularity with designers and homeowners as accent walls and in entryways and bathrooms in 2019. Many designers are showcasing wall-sized florals and palm prints for use in creating drama on single walls in living rooms, dining rooms and sunrooms, and bold metallic florals for creating statement pieces in entryways, offices and bathrooms. Surprisingly, these in-demand looks are being created with wallpaper which had been waning in popularity for years as bold paint colors gained prominence. The dramatic patterns within this trend are reviving an interest in wallcoverings, so stock up on wallpaper products at NHS this year from exhibitors such as Warner Mfg. Co., Bartoline Limited, Gardner-Gibson Inc. and more.